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  1. Clara,
    I really enjoyed your storybook project so far! I love the idea of hearing Sita's story from her perspective. She is a very interesting character in the Ramayana and I feel like hearing her personal thoughts and reasonings throughout your project will do her justice. I like the idea of journal entries as it shows a very personable side to Sita that was not always received in the Ramayana writings. I like the picture you chose to use as the banner. It gives the project a mystic and deeper feeling which resonates well with Sita's characteristics so far. The overview of the types of entries Sita will be writing is smart as it shows readers what is to come and keeps them intrigued to return to the website to find out what happens to her. Your project is definitely one that I will be returning to as I am interested to see how you write Sita's life through personal encounters and through her words.

  2. Hi Clara! I think Sita is a fascinating character to choose and do your storybook over. In the Ramayana, she is a supporting character and she really isn't characterized properly since the story focuses on Rama being the ideal hero. She's just painted as the faithful wife to Rama, but unfortunately, we don't get insight into her thoughts. However, she undergoes countless trials throughout the story and I think a diary is a great outlet for Sita to explore her complex feelings. I'm excited to see how you tell her story, especially through her captivity and when Rama chooses to banish her. There is a lot of tragedy in her story, but I hope you can show her strength and purity too. I also like that your introduction doesn't give too much away about Sita's story and character. It makes her more mysterious to the reader and will encourage them to keep reading. Good luck with your storybook and can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Your website is very easy to navigate. It also looks clean. I like your photo choice in your intro. I also like you added a photo along with the banner. I love that you are choosing to tell the story through Sita’s eyes. I think that she is a bit of a flat character in the stories so it is awesome you are giving her some dimension. As a girl reading the story it definitely sounded like a man wrote the original story. I am excited how you interpret her thoughts to a more realistic way a woman thinks. You also did a great job with breaking up the paragraphs. The paragraph lengths are good. Some people make them to be giant chunks and it is just too dense to read. I do think that you could add a few more photos to your blog. I don’t think that there is such thing as too many photos. I think that they really can help engage people.

  4. Hey Clara,
    I like the design of your website, as it is very straightforward. I personally had some problems coming up with a design and means of navigation for my site, and I like the simplicity to yours, and it has given me some inspiration. I really like your way of telling your story! The way of telling your story by means of journaling is really interesting to me, and I have not yet seen something like it yet! The way you went about it was really well done as well, as you managed to list all the details of your plot and setting very well. The images you provided throughout the story was helpful to have as well, as it set up a good means of imagery. I look forward to seeing how this introduction develops into a site filled with great stories! Well done.


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